Selected Pictures from Wohnungskultur und Möbel der Italienischen Renaissance - Page 2

These pictures are from Frida Schöttmuller's Wohnungskultur und Möbel der Italienischen Renaissance, published in Stuttgart by Julius Hoffman in 1921.  There is an English version published in the same year in New York by Brentano's.  A Dutch version also exists.  The original German captions can be seen on the full size images, the comments on this page are mine.  These pictures are a small fraction of those in the book.

These images are in the Public Domain in the United States of America and any country that follows the "Author's life +50" rule of copyright.  The status of these images in other countries is undetermined.

Each image is a link to a full size version of the same picture.  Full size versions range from 40kb to 80kb in size.

  Page Comments
14th century bed 125 A painted bed from Pistoia dated 1337.
renaissance tables 130 A set of four 15th-16th Century trestle tables.  The one at top is interesting as a Renaissance variation on the medieval three-legged trestle.
renaissance tables 150 Some late 16th-early 17th Century tables with turned legs.
renaissance chairs 168 A pair of 15th Century Venetian folding chairs.  English furniture historians refer to these as "Glastonbury chairs" after a well-known 16th Century example.
renaissance chairs 175 A set of folding chairs of the "Savonarola" type, illustrating some of the variety possible.  The book has ten pages of plates on "X" chairs alone.
renaissance chairs 176 A set of folding chairs of the "Dantesca" style, showing less variation in form but more in decoration.
renaissance chairs 185 An assortment of late 16th Century armchairs showing the emergence of the modern form.
16th century reading stand 195 16th Century folding reading stand from Tuscany.

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