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These pictures are taken from Frida Schöttmuller's Wohnungskultur und Möbel der Italienischen Renaissance, published in Stuttgart by Julius Hoffman in 1921.  There is an English version published in the same year in New York by Brentano's.  A Dutch version also exists.  The original German captions can be seen on the full size images, the comments on this page are mine.

These images are in the Public Domain in the United States of America and any country that follows the "Author's life +50" rule of copyright.  The status of these images in other countries is undetermined.

Each image is a link to a full size version of the same picture.  Full size versions range from 40kb to 80kb in size.

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15th century chest 36 Florentine Chest, first half of the 15th Century.  Painted, with decorative metalwork.  Appears to be a chest currently in the Victoria & Albert Museum.
15th century chest 36 Siennese Chest c. 1450.  The relief work is not carving, but molded gesso composition.  Currently in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
16th century chest 43 Northern Italian Chest c. 1500.  The decoration is Cerotsina, a form of marquetry that uses geometric shapes.
16th century chest 43 A similar example showing the inside of the lid.  The Islamic influence can be seen in the decoration.  There are several examples in the Victoria & Albert Museum that are similar to this and the preceding piece.
15th century chest 48 A small Umbrian Chest c. 1450.  One of the few clamp front pieces in the book.
15th century chest 48 Another small chest from the mid-15th Century.  Despite the appearance, this chest is of boarded construction, not frame and panel.  Note the flat carving on the front.
16th century casssone 58 A 16th Century cassone, showing the heights of ornamentation that could be reached by these pieces.
15th century caskets 64 Some small 15th-16th Century caskets or jewelry boxes.
15th century chest 73 A 15th Century chest decorated with a nice mixture of intarsia and carving.
16th century credenzas 92 A pair of small late 16th Century Tuscan credenzas.
15th century credenza 106 A Late 15th Century Commode/Credenza from Umbria.  This is an early date for the drawers. 
16th century cabinet 111 Northern Italian wall cabinet c. 1500. Note the basket-weave carving on the doors.

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