Selected plates from Fred Roe's A History of Oak Furniture published in London by The Connoisseur in 1920.  The original captions can be seen on the full size images, the comments on this page are mine.  Note that much of Roe's dating and attributions are considered outdated.

These images are in the Public Domain in the United States of America and any country that adheres to the "Author's life +50" rule of copyright.  The status of these images in other countries is undetermined.

Each image is a link to a full size version of the same picture.  Full size versions range from 40kb to 80kb in size.

  Plate Comments
16th century cupboard II Early 16th Century English Livery Cupboard.  Now stored at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
the Fares chest III The "Fares Chest".  Early 15th Century English.  On display at the V&A.
15th century chest IV 15th Century French Chest.
15th century stool V 15th Century Norman Stool.  Stored at the V&A.
Types of construction IX Types of Construction.
More Types of construction X More Types of Construction.
12th century chest XI 12th Century Chest
13th century chest XI 13th Century Chest
assorted chests XIII Assorted Chests
14th Century Coffer and 16th Century Chest XIV 14th Century Coffer and 16th Century Chest
14th Century Chest XIV 14th Century Chest
16th century cradle XIV 16th Century Cradle.  Probably not that of Henry V, despite what the caption says.

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