Medieval Tool & Furniture Art on the Web

"The Holy Family with Angels," Unknown German Artist, c. 1410, presently at the Staatliche Museen in Berlin

Mästermyr Image Library - Illustrations of the artifacts from the Mästermyr Find. Includes an axe, adzes, drawknife, small saw, and augur bits

The Bayeaux Tapestry - The shipbuilding scene from the Bayeaux Tapestry. Includes several different axes and an augur.

St. Joseph in his workshop - From Robert Campin's "Merode Altarpiece", c.14??, presently at the Cloisters in New York.

The Mendel Hausbuch - Illustrated pages from the Hausbuch of the Mendelschen Zwölfbrüderstiftung in Nuremburg. The pages date from 1425 to 1544 and depict a variety of craftsmen at their trades. The woodworkers are listed under "Holzverarbeitung".

Other illustrations that may be useful:

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