Pictures from Le Meuble - Page 3

These pictures are taken from Alfred de Champeaux's Le Meuble published in Paris by Quantin in 1885.  The original French captions can be seen on the full size images, the comments on this page are mine.

These images are in the Public Domain in the United States of America, the European Union, and any other jurisdiction that adheres to the "Author's life + 70 years" rule of copyright.  The status of these images in other countries is undetermined.

Each image is a link to a full size version of the same picture.  Full size versions range from 40kb to 80kb in size.

  Page Comments
16th century table 201 A 16th Century Burgundian table.
16th century table 202 A 16th Century French table.
16th century armchair 203 A 16th Century armchair.
16th century chest 209 A 16th Century chest of carved walnut.
16th century dressoir 215 A 16th Century Lyonnaise dressoir.  A lot less florid than other example from the same period.
16th century armoire 219 An armoire from Lyon.  16th Century.
16th century chair 223 A 16th Century caquteuse or "Gossip Chair".
16th century table 225 Late 16th Century table.
16th century bed 233 16th Century four poster bed.
16th century chair 245 Early 16th Century chair of state.
16th century chair 263 16th Century French chair.
16th century armoire 297 Late 15th - early 16th Century South German armoire.  This may be the example currently in the Bavarian National Museum.
15th century choir stalls 301 Late 15th Century Flemish choir stall.
coronation chair 310 The coronation chair of the Kings of England.  Currently in Westminster Abbey (except for the Stone of Scone, which has gone back to Scotland).

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